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Grocery Gift Check

Grocery Gift Check

Gift certificates should be unique to you and your recipient. There are many ways you can customize the template to ensure the style and the information are relevant to the gifting situation. You should also know the difference between a grocery gift certificate for turkeys and gift ard to find the unbeaten customization techniques.

Difference between the gift certificate and card

There is a slight difference that differentiates the two:

  • The gift certificate or check is more traditional and usually has a traditional printing on paper or a cardstock
  • Gift cards resemble a bank ATM card because they have a hard plastic surface that is highly durable
  • Checks are cheaper because they use less expensive materials

The sale of US gift cards rose to $160 billion in 2018, which is a sharp contrast from the 2010 $91 billion in sales.

5 ways to customize grocery gift vouchers for turkeys


How would you like to address the gift recipient? Our template will register the name of the recipient after the words, ‘pay to the order of.’ You should send the name of the recipient as a Word or Excel document, that does not exceed 50MB. We only add addresses that are in a name format and do not exceed 25 characters for each line.

Restriction instructions

The joy of our gift turkey coupons is that you can choose the kind of restrictions you place on each card. You will not pay an extra amount to include these custom rights, and may also opt to leave it blank to give the recipient freedom in how they use the gift card. We allow you to restrict the recipient against using the card to redeem potentially harmful products, such as alcohol and tobacco.

Business details

You can add the name of your business to identify it as the sender of the grocery gift check. Make sure the name does not exceed 38 characters.


The recipient will know the value of the gift certificate by the value you indicate on the Gift Check Amount field. We automatically interpret the value as a dollar and require that you enter a value that does not exceed $50.

Using our gift certificate template?

An overwhelming number of clients are exploring ways to gift their employees a gift for loyalty. Another similar case is a candidate who wants a mass number of gift checks to help a large group of recipients who may need help with groceries.

It would be challenging to customize every single grocery gift check from scratch. Therefore we have a preexisting template that includes all the fundamental entry fields for a comprehensive certificate.

Benefits of our grocery certificate template

  • Affordability
  • Time-saving
  • Uniformity for mass production of certificates

Our employee gift turkey is unique and versatile to all your gifting options. They make up a leading bunch of creative gifting certificates in the industry. You can expect to include all the essential details that will make it easy for the receiver to use the voucher. Contact us on (630) 986-5081 for more information about how you can get the best from the personalization options to give a turkey.




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